If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

"They're the best!  They care for you and about you!


“I would like to thank you for the fine
service you gave me. Your personable
caring attitude is very refreshing.”
~ Craig

“I will recommend you to anyone
seeking care in the Olympia area.”
~ Claire

“Thank you for the outstanding care you
gave my aunt during her stay with us.”
~ Gloria

“We really appreciate your compassion,
professional ability and the kind attitude
that you have always displayed toward
~ Gladys

“I had a nice time when you came. It was
fun watching you juggle and I learned to
brush my teeth and I learned a lot about
teeth. I’m very, very, very glad you came.
Thank you.”

~ Jessi


Thank you. I have to say that out of all the organizations/people I deal with: doctor, bank, insurance company, etc., you all are the best.

~ Greg


Thank you so much for fitting me into your busy schedule. I truly appreciate it. You time and expertise were appreciated.

~ Thanks again, Dennis


Thank you for the great job you did on my teeth. It is truly painless dentistry when the patient falls asleep in the chair.

~ Sincerely, Janet